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Following a small courthouse wedding, criminal defense attorney Adam Kennedy and his bride,
Ellen, a high-school teacher and tennis coach, set sail for a weekend honeymoon cruise to
Kelleys Island. Their idyllic bubble bursts when hijackers board their sailboat in the middle of
the night and order them at gunpoint to make it to a rendezvous point before daylight, or die.
While fighting terrible weather conditions on Lake Erie, Adam and Ellen are shocked to discover
that the contraband they are transporting is not drugs, as they suspected, but two teenage girls.
The realization that they are unwilling participants in a human trafficking scheme forces them to confront an agonizing decision when, with time running out, the opportunity to save themselves presents itself. Can they live with themselves if they walk away, or do they stay and risk their own lives on the off chance that they can rescue these young women, whom they barely know, from the horrors of life as sex slaves?

Arriving May 31

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