Suspense and tension to the very end

Jim Gandee on Amazon


The writing style is quick and to the point. The story moves quickly. I was glued to the story as the momentum builds and the clock was ticking. The main characters have compassion and concerns for each person in the story who finds themselves trapped in their personal situations. You admire the main characters, Adam and Ellen, and you ask yourself throughout the book – What would you have done? “We need to do the right thing, for everyone, no matter the risks” is a major theme. However, the risks of being killed are very high.
The story highlights the real-world concerns of human sex-trafficking of teenage girls that exist in our country. The story is a suspense thriller which presents real life concerns for teenage girls in this technology age and girls who find themself on the street who must survive on their own. Thus, the title “Anybody’s Daughter”.

Delivers as promised

Mary on Amazon


Anybody’s Daughter delivers a thriller that grabs your interest & holds it to the final page. The reader is invested in the outcome, cheering foot the heroes at the end. The perfect summer read!

Could not put this one down!

Andrea Kinkade on Amazon


Great read! I finished it in one evening, the storyline kept me involved from beginning to end!

Wonderful read

MLE on Amazon

This book touched me on so many levels. I have tried to become more informed on the issue of human trafficking - a huge problem in our country, and in my own state, Ohio. I tired to ask myself what I would do if I had been one of the main characters - or even one of the "bad guys" who had been sucked in to this sordid "business". Putting one's life on the line for those in trouble is the ultimate act of bravery.
I loved the compassion shown in the characters - Good will triumph!!
And the asides of sailing, the setting in the great lakes, back rounds of teaching and law, and the possession and use of guns - all so relatable and thought provoking. Very much worth reading and discussing!!

And read this!

David S. on Amazon

The author’s first book is a well thought out, great suspense story, a real page turner, about a really difficult but terribly important issue. The setting in the Midwest, a haven of sex trafficking, is the perfect location for this thrilling novel to take place. The characters are well developed, the storyline is concise and overall it’s just a great read. I encourage everyone to read this important novel and understand the horrors of sex trafficking.

This is a follow up to the review above. If you are following the trial that resulted in Ghislane Maxwell being sentenced to 20 years in jail as part of the Jeffrey Epstein disgusting abuse of children, this book gives you an outstanding picture of how these abuses begin and are perpetuated. They start easy, in small cities and communities preying of the vulnerable and they end up in this kind of debauchery. The author does a really great job of explaining how it starts and how brave people might be able to stem the tide of one of the worst crimes against women. Read the book!

Suspense thriller with meaning

Sheldon S. Wittenberg on Amazon


The story was well written about an exceptionally uncomfortable subject. It made its points without preaching. Well worth your time to absorb this book.

A ripper of a read

Viga Boland for Readers' Favorite


Anybody's Daughter is a ripper of a read, filled with so many unexpected twists that it’s impossible to stop turning the pages - definitely my kind of thriller. I love a book that moves quickly, doesn’t slow me down with paragraphs of description, has realistic characters with strong emotional appeal and with whom I easily identify, and then brings it all together cleverly with credible plot events. This book does all of that in a fast-paced 251 pages. Readers will close the book still asking themselves what they would do if faced with the choice of saving others or saving themselves. It’s a universal theme neatly explored through an important contemporary social issue - human trafficking - in a most pleasing thriller. Well done, Charles Abood.